Luxury banking.

About EBDL.

When you sign up with EBDL, you'll get instant access to a world-class concierge service that will help you manage your finances and plan for a lifetime of luxury.
When it comes to banking, you deserve the best. And at EBDL, we're here for you. Your concierge team is available 24/7 to take care of all your banking needs from investments to mortgages, from credit cards to checking accounts. All you 

need is the EBDL card and they'll take care of the rest. You deserve an elite lifestyle and that's what we're here for at EBDL.
You want the best service and a rock-solid bank with plenty of perks for you and your friends. Entertainment bundle? Heck yeah! Unlimited vacation flights? We're all over that. Golf club membership? A crystal-clear screen saver? We're just getting started. Welcome to the Extoro Banque de Luxembourg.


Every journey starts with the first step, so you just made yours.

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